Roof can give us protection from different harmful calamities and dangers in lives. It gives us comfort during the hot days and cold winter months. Those times that you don’t want to be wet and you don’t want your family to get sick because of the thunderstorm. Roof is the only shield you have in your house that can protect all the things and stuff as well inside of it. Without the roof all your clothes and appliances and even your own furniture would be damage because of the strong rain and too much heat from the sun. This is the reason why we should need to know and be educated about the possible causes of the damage and how you can prevent these things from happening. In this manner, you would know how to take care of the things and be able to give possible remedy to the problem. It depends to you if you would like to call a service man to repair and pay them a huge amount of fee. But if you don’t have enough money to get a service from a contractor or having a roofing service. So, it means you need to get to know more of the things that can help you. You may consider the following stuff below that may cause or they are the cause of the danger in your roof and how you could solve them. Remember that roof replacement should be don’t with extra care and proper knowledge.  

  1. If you are unlucky, then you might experience hail in your city. This can be one of the main reasons and causes that the roof might be damaged and destroyed due to the sever effects of it. Of course, at first you would not notice any damage or torn parts but as time goes by this is the time that you will realize the effect of it to your roof. This is why you need to choose a good quality material for your roofing. In this manner, it would protect the overall to the hail and even other calamities that may happen in your city.  
  2. Trees could be a good ornament for you to put next to your house. It would give a lot of benefits and practical things in your life. Allow you as well to inhale fresher air and eat freshly picked fruits. But, aside from the good and advantages that it could bring. There are many bad sides of it as well. Like if the trees become taller and then here comes a strong wind. There is a possibility that it will bend its branches and may damage the roof foundation.  
  3. Too much algae in your roof and gutter could weaken the ability of the roof to perform its duty. Make sure to check every time every after rain or winter to avoid accumulation of algae.  
  4. Leaves from the trees beside your house could fall to the gutter or even to the roof of your house and this might cause to block the flowing of the water from the gutter to the drainage part.  

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